The 7 Day-A-Week Dream

It isn’t tough to write off the weekdays without really even giving it a second thought. Weekends own the lion’s share of events that a Mobile Axe Throwing company is going to cut their teeth on- parties, festivals and fairs. You can build a successful business operating solely on the weekends, but you’re likely leaving money on the table if you’re not actively working on building your weekday clientele list.
Those 3 days- Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays- leave a whole heck of a lot of the week empty. The average workweek can help to pad your bottom line, and in many cases it can be the bridge between operating these trailers as a side-hustle and running a full-time operation. I’m going to run through some options which can help you define the opportunities and begin the process of booking.
Corporate Events
Many corporate event planners (EP’s) aim their events for the work week when employees are in the building. Company events are terrific: they’re short and sweet, and your pay check goes straight through their Finance department and right into your bank account. Because many of these events take place during a company retreat, series of meetings, or other in-business activities, you’re going to be able to pad your week with these high paying events if you know where to look.
Corporate Events are also some of my favorite events personally, and much of that comes from the unique marketing approach to landing these events. Because many of these companies ‘race to the top’ and try to find the newest, sexiest party component, Mobile Axe Throwing is well positioned for the immediate future.
Breweries have been booming: their numbers have increased from under 2,000 to almost 8,000 within the past decade. Many of these engage their clientele in a 21st century way- millenials see these as their regular watering hole, and breweries are utilizing social media to draw more and more customers in on a weekly basis.
Generally not in the ilk of a bar of nightclub, they’re an easy hook. Many breweries keep an eye out for something fun to add for their customers: bingo nights, trivia and the like. Often located in an industrial park or a lower-priced district, they frequently have ample room for your game. The customer pays you, the venue adds a brand new to-do, and everyone goes home happy. 
These are great for peppering around your regular work week. We have partnerships with a dozen or so breweries (as well as the one-offs) that we travel to throughout the week, and many of these nights are very bankable. You need to find the perfect combination of a few factors:
  • Number of people attending
  • Clientele with disposable income
  • Setup distance
  • Brewery staff’s willingness to work with you
Don’t sleep on the small breweries! Some have a very dedicated customer base who love to hit some bullseyes. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all standard for what will work best for your company. Much of this is on your willingness to talk to owners and trial these breweries out.
You can also set many of these locations up for reoccuring events. We run at a number of breweries every month, 2 months, or quarterly. There isn’t much better than locking these nights in to guarantee yourself some reoccuring income on an off night
The payment structure here isn’t something uniform. There are smaller breweries who pay us a small fee to show up and still allow us to charge the customer. The bottom line is: Start talking to these brewery owners and staff. Building these relationships is an important step.
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