The Building Process

Odyssey’s Trailers Are Built From The Ground Up. From The Design To The Manufacturing To The Finishing Touches, We Do It All In House. That Means That Every Light And Steel Fitting Are There For A Purpose.

From the steel 2″x2″ beams to the Bullseye Buttons. The Quick-Swap Targets to the waterproof roofing. The Smart-Lighting System to the folding targets. It’s all built into the trailers in our state-of-the-art facility. It’s more of a barn really, but it is definitely state-of-the-art.

Odyssey builds our 1st and 2nd Generation trailers on site in Maryland at our home base. We’d be happy to give you a tour- drop by if you’re local or someone will show you around over video chat.

It All Begins With The Concept

Our Axe Throwing Trailers- as well as everything we build- all start in the design phase. 

Everything is put through 3d modeling software to analyze stress points, trailer composure going down the road, best components to use on our trailers, etc. 

We’re building something that you can trust going down the highway.

Axe Throwing Trailer Build COncept
We Start The Build Right- Interstate Trailers

Each one of our trailers come from Interstate Group LLC- the most respected name in the game.  Others tout that their trailers are home built- we went with the best. 

Every trailer we sell comes with our excellent warranty as well: across the board coverage on everything from our electionics to long term coverage by manufacturer on their tires, suspension, and bearings.  

Second To None: Everything That Goes Into One of Odyssey Axe Throw’s Mobile Trailer Builds

Odyssey’s electronics are the best in the business.

From the LED Lights to the Sound System in our trailers, everything has been put through the gauntlet.

We’ve run these items for 2 years. We stand behind the system which will keep your Events running smoothly.

Integration is key.

Our entire system- from the Bullseye Buttons to the Speakers to the integrated ambiance lights underneath the trailer- is integrated with one another.

What does that mean? You’re going to get the brightest, loudest, and most advanced Axe Throwing Trailer in the industry.

Innovation is the name of the game.

Everyone asks what makes us different. We build everything starting from square one including our Quick-Swap Targets.

Axe Throwing is a new industry, but so much of what you see is old hat. Every element on our trailer is pioneering at the front of the industry.

Our Team Talent

The most important element is our team. 

From our engineer who structures the builds all the way to our weld shop who fabricate the design, Odyssey has a team of experts capable of building the perfect trailer for you. 

You can read about our team’s backgrounds here.