Who We Are

In 2016, Odyssey Broke Ground On Our First Mobile Escape Room. Or More Succinctly, We Bought Our First Trailer. 5 Years Later, Odyssey Axe Throw Is One Of The Industry Leaders Taking Mobile Axe Throwing Into The Next Generation.

Manufactured to the highest tolerance, Odyssey Axe Throwing Trailers are the best in the industry. In fact, our pedigree in manufacturing speaks for itself: Axe Throwing, Escape Room, and Photo Booth trailers with more to come. 

Our Axe Throwing trailers are the flagship of our fleet- featuring the Bullseye Button, Quick-Swap Targets, Smart-Lighting system, and more. We sell more than just the trailers however, and our expertise and experience go just as far in explaining why we’re the right option to go with getting into the business.  

Our staff will talk you through the process, construct your trailer, train you in operating, and support you all along the way. We view our sales as partnerships. That’s why we think it’s important to get to know us.

The teams’ Mechanical Engineer, conceptualist, and all around snappy dresser, Ryan is the designer and overseer of each one of Odyssey’s builds. 

You’re just as likely to find Ryan on a call with a customer about how much weight they can spare installing a new sign on a trailer as you are to see him outside in the 26° weather putting the touches on another trailer. No exaggeration- he did both as of writing today.

Ryan’s our resident expert on each build- 5 years of design and construction experience on trailers to go along with the degree. He puts his stamp on each trailer that Odyssey completes with the professional approach. 

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Ryan D’Ambrosio
Genius & Engineer
Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 7.30.11 PM
Matt Handrick
Event Partner & Sales

Matt is on our Sales, Marketing and Concepts side. Acting as our events partner, he has worked with every type of event runner to bring Mobile Axe Throwing to every different kind of event.

Matt is also going to be the direct contact for every potential buyer. He’s always here to talk about your operation, discuss ideas for reaching out to corporate partners, or give you advice talking to event runners. 

When you buy with Odyssey, we don’t just  hand you the keys- you get the expert support, advice on events, and will always have our support in keeping the trailer operational.

The shop boss, Nick knows his way around the construction side of Odyssey. He’s the team’s expert at TIG and MIG welding and has a background in visual design. 

Nick is the designer of our professional signage, and is the one who keeps us aiming higher to ensure your future trailer is going to be built to fit your needs perfectly. He’s looking forward to customizing our aesthetic to suit exactly what you’re envisioning.  

Nick Handrick
Shop Boss & Welder

With each sale, you’re getting something more. Our team is looking to make you as successful as possible- we want you
buying from us again!

The Odyssey Axe Throw Owner’s Blog on this page spells out the level of work and the expertise that we put behind each trailer. You’re getting something over-engineered that have each been put through their paces. 

Even better, we’re going to walk you through the process- from driver’s education to upkeep to event speak. We even provide a day of in-person training with unit delivery.

Odyssey’s Commitment to Premier  Technology And The Most Advanced Trailer In The Industry Let You Expect Something More Out Of Your Trailer. You Heard That Right- These Aren’t Franchises, But Our Team Is Always There To Replace A Part Or Discuss Options For Building Your Business. 

Your Success Is Our Success.