Choosing Your Trailer: Trailer Type

You’ve made it this far, and now you’re ready to begin sourcing and construction. First, congratulations! Welcome to a great niche industry with a lot of amazing people. We’re going to jump in where the physical process begins- Choosing Your Trailer.

Sourcing materials for your build is one of the best parts of the building process (to me anyway!). It’s tough to start anywhere until you’ve found yourself a trailer. We are going to take a look at deciding what type of trailer is best for your Mobile Axe Throw operation.

 If the axe throwing cage is your house, then the trailer is the cement foundation supporting it all. A good foundation is a must when building axe throwing trailers- The thousands of people that will be walking in your trailer combined with the thousands of miles of unknown roads and the breadth of the trailer (hint: they are BIG) will require a solid footing. 

 Before everything else, write down all of your wants and needs to make sure you accommodate all of the constraints. Make sure your wants don’t outstrip your budget!


The first question that you’ll need to ask yourself when deciding on which trailer is best is regarding the style of trailer. There are a few overarching types:

Utility– These trailers are thinner (5’ – 6.5’ wide). These are usually single axle trailers.

Car Hauler (Heavy Equipment)– Full decked trailers bookended by exterior fenders & tires. These trailers are around 7’ wide.

Deckover– 8’ to 8.5’ wide, these trailers are the big guys. The wheel base is either built underneath the trailer or inset into the floor. A traditional ‘deckover’ trailer also rides higher than other trailers. 

This seems like an easy question at first, but try to really think about the future here. Do you want to get an 8.5’ wide deckover for the maximum width to allow multiple throwers? Is trailer height a factor with low hanging overpasses in your area? 

Do some research and figure out what you will offer. How does the competition do it? What do they offer? What do your local brick-and-mortar axe throwing facilities use? 

It’s hard not to say “I want to do it all“. But you want to make sure that the major constraints on your decision here are what’re going to earn you the biggest paycheck. 

All of these need to be considered because it affects our next variable as well: Size

Next Time: Trailer Size

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